Mifare card 1K

Mifare card 1K

Mifare cards are plastic cards with a non-contact radio frequency communication technology

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The main advantage for Mifare technology is that any physical contact is needed to read or encode a card, It is enough to keep it a few inches close to transfer data. Despite the easy use the offer, we have to point that apps based on cards or readers Mifare don´t need any maintenance, unlike chip cards or magnetic cards, where you have to take into account the wear of the cards and the read/write systems


  • PVC laminated plastic card , ISO standard size: 85,7 x 54 x 0,82 mm, 6gr. aprox.
  • Frecuency: 13,56 MHz.
  • Read/Write Mifare  chip
  • Read/write speed transfer: 106Kbits / sec.
  • 1Kbytes EEPROM, 752 bytes available
  • Unique serial number of 4 bytes
  • Unique number or read operations: 100,000
  • Usability distance: Up to 10 cm
  • Many security options
  • Data duration: 10 years



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