Hard PVC bracelette with "watch shape"

RFID bracelettes with any kind of chip, adjustable with watch shape.
Similar touch to the silicone, perfect for humidity environments

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Silicone bracelette with RFID technology and watch shape specially adjustable to use underwater or in high temperature environments.

Personalization with a minimum of 1000 units: 0.05€/extra per colour

It is essential for multiples sector such as:

  • Aquatic parks
  • Hotels (all inclusive bracelette)
  • Pools
  • Saunas/Spas
  • etc, etc
Dimensions Width15 x Height 2.5) mm
Circumference S,M,L,XL
Frequency 125 KHz / 13.56 MHz
Material Silicone
Operative temperature
 from 25 up to 85 (Celsius)
Storage temperature from -25 up to 120 (Celsius)
Assembly Injection molding
weight 14 g

Available chips

125 KHz
EM4100, EM4450, EM4135, ATA5577, ATA5567, T5557, T5551, HITAG 1, HITAG 2, HITAG S256, HITAG S2048, GK4001.
13.56 MHz
MIFARE S50 (1K), MIFARE S70 (4K), MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire V0.6, I.CODE SLI, MIFARE 1K compatible with(SLE 66R35), Tag-it Plus(2048), Tag-it Pro(256), Tag-it Standard(256), LEGIC MIM256, LEGIC MIM1024, LEGIC Supertag, FeliCa RCS919, SR176, SRIX4K, LRI64, SRF 55V02S, SRF 55V10S.


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